Camber and Dungeness, Kent

We drove to sandy Camber late on a Saturday and got there just as many were leaving. Still it was busy and we parked just past Camber village on the side of the road. It’s a bit pebbley but the water’s edge is sandy so Couscous went wild. We then drove round to Dungeness which has a lovely, cosy feel. There is a path over the reserve area to allow the sea cabbages to grow. It’s very stoney so we didn’t go past the end of the path. I have been told that if you leave your car there it may be broken into – as you have to walk some distance to get to the water so cars aren’t ‘supervised’. You’d be ok on weekends but out of season may be different.


  • OK after wet weather – yes
  • Parking fee – no
  • Toilets – yes
  • Café – yes
  • camber-4



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