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Day at the beach

Another classic pose


Here she is recovering from a sprained leg. Not sure what happened but she can’t put any weight on it and is feeling a little sorry for herself.

Picking Pumpkins

Voting time again

While Couscous stayed home in comfort other dogs around the country went to the polls:

Dogs at polling stations

Japan’s largest pet fair

Photo Franck Robichon/EPA

Nearly 30,000 visitors and more than 10,000 pets are expected to attend the Interpets Asia Pacific fair in Tokyo, where the photo opportunities are endless.

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Shelter dogs in pictures

A series of images by Slovenian photographer Katja Jemec, I Looked Up and There You Were, has an unusual angle on rescued dogs:

Click here for the article from the Guardian.

Is your dog involved in a sex scandal?

News from friends in the US…


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Dr Who in dog form

Ok so not a dachshund but still worthy of a watch.

Corgi dresses up as all 13 Doctors in adorable Doctor Who clip





Long dogs (?) in antiquity

In the Archaeological Museum in Nicosia I came across this vase from the Mycenean Period, 1400-1100 BC:

long dogs in antiquity (1) comp