Dunorlan Park, Kent

This park is very popular with dog owners and families with small children. We read complaints re the number of dogs off lead and excess dog poo. There were more dogs off lead than we normally see but it wasn’t a problem for us. And re the poo – of course the minute we get out of the car Couscous does the sloppiest poo she has done in a long time so I made a real effort with newspaper and water to clean it all up. We went after lunch so perhaps would try a morning next time (less children??). Easy to walk around and lots of interesting paths. Birds, lake, cafe and all that. I liked it and Couscous got into the spirit of it after a few hellos from other walkers (very important for her).

  • OK after wet weather – yes
  • Parking fee – no
  • Toilets – yes
  • CafĂ© – yes







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