Dogblog is a blog about Couscous. She is a standard, brindle, wire-haired dachshund, born October 2009 in Wiltshire, UK. She is the pup of Sunsong Vanilla Ice (sire) and Boloria Anastasia (dam).

Her favourite pastimes include sleeping, taking slow walks around the block, visiting our neighbour Cecilie, having her belly rubbed, chasing trains, rolling in sand and nudging my leg for extra treats.

This blog highlights many of the places we take her on weekends and a few news items relevant to dachshunds (but sometimes just dogs in general).

All images taken by myself are under copyright.

I was walking in the fog,

Thinking I’d tripped on a log,

Tripped upon a hidden dog,

Not unlike a cheeky mogg.

I then wondered why the dog,

Acting like a hidden log,

Hidden in the seeping fog,

Would be hiding like that mogg?

Then my brain slipped up a cog…

Maybe why that cheeky dog,

Enjoyed hiding in that fog,

Cos that ego centric dog,

Would then get his own dog blog!