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Art for dogs

World’s First Art Exhibition for Dogs

British inventor, artist and satirist Dominic Wilcox  is at it again, this time with a contemporary art exhibition aimed at canine attendees with a range of interactive installations purpose-built for pups.

Play More in London has an array of dog-oriented artworks set low on the gallery walls as well as other more directly experiential displays.


For the full article from WebUrbanist click here.

Shelter dogs in pictures

A series of images by Slovenian photographer Katja Jemec, I Looked Up and There You Were, has an unusual angle on rescued dogs:

Click here for the article from the Guardian.

Disco Dog

Disco Dog is possibly the greatest pet product ever 


This video is a must for all dachshund lovers.

Famous owners


Andy Warhol by Jack Mitchell.

Arts and crafts dog

A new craze called Fleece Dog is sweeping across Britain…

Knit a dog.

Dogs dressed as their owners

Do dogs really look like their owners? They do in this project by Swiss photographer Sebastian Magnani – he has spliced together portraits of the owners with their four-legged friends in a series called Underdogs.

Dogs dressed as their owners

The UN assembly populated by dachshunds

Dachshund UN art installation by Bennett Miller

Dachshund UN art installation by Bennett Miller (Fierce Festival, Birmingham 2012)