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St Mary’s Island, Chatham

View of the Medway from St Mary’s Island

We haven’t been this way for at least a year or so and now a new housing block has sprung up. We looked at the display homes about 3 years ago – which inspired us to move to our current home. Those houses where nice enough but had too many stairs for a dachshund and too many bathrooms for me (I hate wasted space on extra bathrooms, people can share, you don’t need one for every bedroom.) I like St Mary’s Island but there are no corner shops and it feels too suburban so we didn’t look to buy there. I like to be near a train station. It’s great for a walk though. We must have got the right time as lots of people were out walking their dogs. We met a Cyprus rescue dog who’d eaten all the owners Celebration chocolates out of the wrappers and was taking a daily dose of charcoal for his sins.

We park on the street along Island Way East, near where the walking avenue heads to the shore line. Marked with a cross on the image above. We walk down the avenue to the river then go left or right. Go left: you’ll walk past Upnor Castle and come to the docks, keep walking round and you get to the shopping centre, you can do a full circle and come back along the main road. Go right: you’ll eventually go through some streets but you’ll come to grassy hills and you’ll find walking tracks through the centre of the Island, in amongst the trees.

Take your dog to the cinema?

Ashford’s Elwick Place Picturehouse: the only cinema in Kent where you can watch films with your dog

A town centre cinema has hosted its first dog-friendly screening.

The Picturehouse Cinema in Elwick Place, Ashford, invited dog owners and their beloved pets down to a special viewing of Pick of the Litter – a documentary following the training of Guide Dog puppies.

The furry film-goers were treated with water bowls, blankets to lie or sit on and dog treats, while lights were kept on and the volume reduced to improve their viewing experience. Representatives from Ashford’s Guide Dogs branch also attended, welcoming guests to the cinema.

The special screenings are expected to continue, taking place on the second week of each month. Other curated film experiences at the Elwick Road complex are designed for people with autism and dementia.

For screening times and information on future events, visit https://www.picturehouses.com/cinema/Ashford_Picturehouse/

from Kent News Online.

Dunorlan Park

We went back to Tunbridge Wells, Dunorlan Park this morning. It’s quite different on a hot summers day. We got in early and there weren’t many people about. Couscous got to paddle in the lake so that was a plus. Met another dachshund running around with endless energy – Couscous quite the opposite, although she did a better job at running up the hill than I did!


Danson Park again

A winter favourite for us.

Danson Park Nov 2015 (1) comp

Disco Dog

Disco Dog is possibly the greatest pet product ever 


This video is a must for all dachshund lovers.

Leybourne Lake, Kent

Leybourne Lakes is probably on this blog under a different name. We visit every now and then for a walk around the lake. Not bad after wet weather but there will be some bits of the path that get a little flooded.

  • OK after wet weather – yes
  • Parking fee – yes
  • Toilets – yes
  • Café/van – yes


Leybourne (1)

Leybourne (2)

Brockwell Park, London

A couple of weeks ago we wanted to go to West Norwood cemetery in South London. When we got there we realised it was a No Dogs cemetery. So instead we found a local park nearby – Brockwell. Nice park and great cafe. Yet the weather was rubbish and it started to rain and Matt tore a muscle running round with CC. Then it took twice as long to drive home through south London. So won’t be doing that again. Next time Greenwich Park will be fine.

  • OK after wet weather – yes
  • Parking fee – no
  • Toilets – yes
  • Café – yes




Dunorlan Park, Kent

This park is very popular with dog owners and families with small children. We read complaints re the number of dogs off lead and excess dog poo. There were more dogs off lead than we normally see but it wasn’t a problem for us. And re the poo – of course the minute we get out of the car Couscous does the sloppiest poo she has done in a long time so I made a real effort with newspaper and water to clean it all up. We went after lunch so perhaps would try a morning next time (less children??). Easy to walk around and lots of interesting paths. Birds, lake, cafe and all that. I liked it and Couscous got into the spirit of it after a few hellos from other walkers (very important for her).

  • OK after wet weather – yes
  • Parking fee – no
  • Toilets – yes
  • Café – yes







Rochester cemetery

Had a quick walk around this cemetery but as dogs were not allowed we’ll probably not go back. There has been an effort to clear the graves in this cemetery and in doing so it seems to have lost something of its atmosphere, although there are patches that remain. There are large grassy areas (great for dogs to run around on; there were a couple of other dogs on a walk while we were there). I don’t get why some cemeteries (like the one up the road from us) don’t allow dogs.




St Mary’s Island / Chatham Docks, Kent

We returned to the Island again this morning. We walked round to the left and Couscous chased the boats on the Medway River. The drawbridge was down so we went across to Chatham Docks and had a coffee. There are some new restaurants since we were last here (years ago we came to see a movie and the area depressed me so we never returned). It seems to have changed for the better.

  • OK after wet weather – yes
  • Parking fee – no
  • Toilets – yes
  • Café – yes