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Wiener Dog 100 race

Click here to see photos from the annual Wiener race held in Bristol, Connecticut, helping to raise funds for the Connecticut Dachshund Rescue and Pet Services.

Is your dog involved in a sex scandal?

News from friends in the US…


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Hound takes seventh place in Alabama half marathon

Runners in a half marathon must have thought they had gone barking mad when an Alabama dog got ‘fur-ther’ than expected and finished in the top 10, a paw-some performance. Ludivine, a two-and-a-half-year-old hound dog, snuck out of her owner’s yard in Elkmont, Alabama, on 16 January and wandered to the starting area of the town’s inaugural half marathon, the Trackless Train Trek.

Along with 165 runners, Ludivine then ran the half marathon, finishing in seventh place (unofficially speaking), despite wandering off during portions of the race to mingle with cheerleaders on the trail and to examine a rabbit’s carcass. Her owner, April Hamlin, did not realize Ludivine had even left the yard until friends who were volunteering at the race texted her photos of her dog.

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Labor Day Wiener Dog Race

Dachshunds at the races

The annual Labor Day Wiener Dog races at Louisiana Downs kicked off this week. (This is a Facebook link so you may need to be logged in to see the video.)

Disco Dog

Disco Dog is possibly the greatest pet product ever 


This video is a must for all dachshund lovers.

Cute story

Staff at a zoo in Oklahoma catch the moment a male lion and small puppy share what looks like a kiss in their compound… (Only it’s not a ‘small puppy’, it’s a dachshund.)

A lion and a dachshund.

Dog saved after swallowing coins

Dog saved after swallowing 111 coins

A dog in New York is recovering well after having $1.11 worth of cents removed from his stomach. The Jack Russell Terrier named Jack ingested the 111 coins when he was licking up crumbs from a leftover bagel…

White House dogs

White House dogs

With the sad news of the passing of Barney, George W Bush’s terrier turned TV star, we look back at other canine inhabitants of the White House since the second world war…

Christmas miracle

Blind dog survives 10-mile walk in minus 40 degrees

A blind dog survived temperatures of minus 40 degrees Celsius after being separated from her owners. Abby, a brown and white mixed breed dog, was being walked by her owners in Alaska when they became separated in a snowstorm…

TV for dogs

DogTV cable channel launched in US to keep canines busy

A cable channel has been launched in the US that aims to keep dogs occupied when their owners are away.
DogTV is an eight-hour on-demand service that helps keep canines entertained, stimulated and relaxed, say its creators. Specially created music and muted colours were used to produce the programming, along with low and long shots aimed to replicate how dogs view the world…