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Riverhill Himalayan Gardens

We were on the way to Knole and passed a sign for Riverhill and decided to go there instead. Glad we did. Dogs welcome. Nice cafe. There is so much to the garden to explore. The top of the hill has a great view. Couscous seemed to love it so we got a season pass. We need to go back 2 more times by end Oct 2019 to make it worthwhile so we should be ok. Unfortunately they are closed over the winter.


Hampton, Herne Bay

Haven’t been here for a while but with Gravesend being in the top 20s, temperature wise, for the past weeks (how long is it now…) we thought Couscous could do with a dip in the sea. We were introduced to another wire-haired on the walk.

(I thought this area was Swalescliffe but it’s more Hampton.)


Dunorlan Park

We went back to Tunbridge Wells, Dunorlan Park this morning. It’s quite different on a hot summers day. We got in early and there weren’t many people about. Couscous got to paddle in the lake so that was a plus. Met another dachshund running around with endless energy – Couscous quite the opposite, although she did a better job at running up the hill than I did!

Weald Country Park, Essex

We haven’t been anywhere new for a while but today we went over to Essex to check out Weald Country Park. Lovely day, lots of families out with picnics.  Lots of mixed woodland, deer and a few cows.

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Emmett’s Garden

Back to Emmett’s, this time with Sophie.

Emmett's June 2016 (2) Emmett's June 2016 (1)

Emmett's June 2016 (3)Emmett's June 2016 (4)

Walks around Kent

We haven’t tried these but I want to reference the article so we can give some of these a try:

Places to walk your dog across Kent from Thanet to Deal and Maidstone to Whitstable

New Years Day 2016

On New Years Day we spent a couple of hours at Greenwich. We walked through the park to the markets and back again. On the way an American woman stopped us and called her family over. It seems the youngest daughter has always wanted a wire-haired dachshund (has posters all over her room – good taste). Couscous got her favourite thing – attention.  I hope the family are well on their way to bringing a dachshund into their family some day.

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Belmont, Kent

Today we visited the gardens at Belmont, near Faversham. Although we did glimpse an elderly couple, all dressed up, when we first arrived, we saw no-one else durng the visit – quite nice really. I loved a wall garden and Couscous likes running around lawns (even on a lead) so this venue worked well for us. I also love a ha-ha, a field of sheep, Victorian green houses and an ice-house. Would like to visit in the summer and see the house as well.

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Boxing Day 2015

Today we visited Chartwell for our annual Boxing Day walk. Rather warm for December at 14 degrees!

Chartwell Boxing Day 2015 (1) comp

Chartwell Boxing Day 2015 (2) comp

Chartwell Boxing Day 2015 (3) comp

Chartwell Boxing Day 2015 (5) comp

Danson Park again

A winter favourite for us.

Danson Park Nov 2015 (1) comp