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Dogs don’t sleep upside down

An episode of QI from a couple of years ago included the statement that dogs don’t sleep upside down. Well that’s just ridiculous – as any dog owner would know.  Here is Couscous from yesterday afternoon. I’m watching tv and she’s snoring away on my lap – upside down.

Dogs dont sleep upside down comp

Leysdown-on-sea, Kent

We wanted to avoid the traffic over most of Kent, as it has been so horrendous lately with Operation Stack. So we went to Leysdown-on-sea on the Isle of Sheppey – via a slight detour towards Maidstone to avoid a congested area on the M2. A hot, sunny Sunday made it perfect beach weather. We got fish and chips in the town and ate them on the beach before going for a stroll.

  • OK after wet weather – yes
  • Parking fee – no
  • Toilets – in town
  • Café – in town



Dogs dont sleep upside down comp Leysdown-on-Sea-2-300x201


Couscous back on her bed after the visitors have gone


Working dogs

The author and ex-vet Gill Lewis shares photographs of the dogs that inspired Puppy Academy, her new series for younger readers, from her faithful childhood pet Zak the Alsatian, to companion dogs for autistic children to the wonderfully brave search and rescue dogs

Click here for the images

Your enemy’s enemy is your dog, scientists find

Research appears to show dogs will snub people who are mean to their owners.

Read the full article here.

Disco Dog

Disco Dog is possibly the greatest pet product ever 


This video is a must for all dachshund lovers.

You lookin’ at me


Leybourne Lake, Kent

Leybourne Lakes is probably on this blog under a different name. We visit every now and then for a walk around the lake. Not bad after wet weather but there will be some bits of the path that get a little flooded.

  • OK after wet weather – yes
  • Parking fee – yes
  • Toilets – yes
  • Café/van – yes


Leybourne (1)

Leybourne (2)

Forest Way, East Sussex

A few weeks back now we drove to Forest Row for a Sunday walk along Forest Way. Nice wide path but far too many cyclists for our liking. There is no public toilet but there is a community centre with one – but it wasn’t open when we were there. There was a good cafe with a loo and a Tesco across the road.

  • OK after wet weather – yes
  • Parking fee – no
  • Toilets – yes
  • Café – yes


Forest Way (4)

Forest Way (1)

Forest Way (2)