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2017 update

We recently moved home. Here are a couple of Couscous in her new domain:

Sunday morning

New yard

Disco Dog

Disco Dog is possibly the greatest pet product ever 


This video is a must for all dachshund lovers.

Not a good look for a dog

Dennis the Dachshund sheds more than 19 kilos


Dogs in costume

Click here for some fabulous dachshunds in costume.



Sometimes I wonder that when we go out Couscous gets bored or lonely, but then when Matt got home the other night this is how he found her… so maybe she’s OK after all.


Life saver

Dachshunds save lifes…click here for a fabulous story.

Dachshund cloned

The first dog cloned is a dachshund – of course! Click here for details.

Post bath


Famous owners


Andy Warhol by Jack Mitchell.

Cute story

Staff at a zoo in Oklahoma catch the moment a male lion and small puppy share what looks like a kiss in their compound… (Only it’s not a ‘small puppy’, it’s a dachshund.)

A lion and a dachshund.