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Goodnight Sweetheart

We lost Couscous yesterday.

Heart failure came on quickly and there were only a few days of discomfort before we realised she was at the end of her journey. We were with her at the end and it was peaceful. We are so grateful for the 13 fabulous years years we had with her. Who will eat the broccoli ends and the crunchy bits of lettuce that I don’t like? Who will have a squish face when she wakes up from her naps? Who will I dance to the radio in the kitchen with? The corners of the house will be left unslept in. She added to our lives, and many others, in so many ways. Sleep tight pumpkin.

Sausage dog lost in bushfire has emotional reunion with owner

He’s less than a foot tall but the little sausage dog has survived getting lost in a dangerous Australian bushfire.

Wilbur’s story captivated animal lovers with news channels appealing for help to reunite him with his owner.

Firefighters found him wandering alone on Wednesday near Termeil in New South Wales as fires burnt around him.

They looked after the frightened Dachshund overnight and put out a call to try and find his home.

The bushfires in New South Wales have been raging for weeks and are some of the worst on record.

Six people have died there in the state’s north since October.

Luckily, Wilbur’s owner quickly came forward to claim him and revealed he was still searching for Wilbur’s “brother”.

For the full article click here for BBC News.

Disco Dog

Disco Dog is possibly the greatest pet product ever 


This video is a must for all dachshund lovers.

Not a good look for a dog

Dennis the Dachshund sheds more than 19 kilos


Life saver

Dachshunds save lifes…click here for a fabulous story.

Dachshund cloned

The first dog cloned is a dachshund – of course! Click here for details.

Famous owners


Andy Warhol by Jack Mitchell.

Cute story

Staff at a zoo in Oklahoma catch the moment a male lion and small puppy share what looks like a kiss in their compound… (Only it’s not a ‘small puppy’, it’s a dachshund.)

A lion and a dachshund.

Drinking with a dachshund

A gift for dog lovers…



I saw a shorn, wire-hair in Brussels the other day and a fine looking red, short-haired doxie as well.

Belgium BOZAR Magazine ad

Belgium BOZAR Magazine ad