Ancient dogs

The evidence for dogs being part of human family life goes back to at least the Ancient Egyptians. A description is given in a forthcoming British Museum publican BMSAES, by W. Vivian Davis, of the Tomb of Sataimau. Notable among the pharaonic monuments at Hagr Edfu is a group of three tombs, located at the foot of the main hill which were uncovered by the Egyptian Antiquities Service in 1941. One of the tombs belongs to a high official named Sataimau and is dated by inscription to the reign of Amenhotep I. In the tomb-chapel of Sataimau, in the First chamber, on the North and south walls is the following:
“The focal scene is that on the north wall showing the seated figures of tomb-owner and wife surrounded by their offspring (and a pet dog), before a pile of offerings. “

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