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Picking Pumpkins

2017 update

We recently moved home. Here are a couple of Couscous in her new domain:

Sunday morning

New yard

Couscous enjoying the new archery magazine

Couscous and archery mag (1)

Couscous and archery mag (2)

Couscous and archery mag (3)

Aunt Sophie

Couscous went visiting on the weekend to see her Aunt Sophie:

Sophie & CC comp

Christmas Eve

Xmas eve 2015 comp

Merry Christmas

Santa CC comp

Couscous features on three cards this year:

Couscous Xmas 2015 comp

Including England’s only heritage listed dog house (Ightham Mote)

Smalley Christmas 2015 comp

Featuring a background from our Cyprus holiday

2015 Smalley Christmas FB comp

Featuring our Christmas trees as background

Winter coming in

Nov 2015 (2) comp


Wriggler Oct 2015

I was trying to do something but she kept squirming around.

Dog chews packaging

CC and packaging Sep 2015

Dogs don’t sleep upside down

An episode of QI from a couple of years ago included the statement that dogs don’t sleep upside down. Well that’s just ridiculous – as any dog owner would know.  Here is Couscous from yesterday afternoon. I’m watching tv and she’s snoring away on my lap – upside down.

Dogs dont sleep upside down comp