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Goodnight Sweetheart

We lost Couscous yesterday.

Heart failure came on quickly and there were only a few days of discomfort before we realised she was at the end of her journey. We were with her at the end and it was peaceful. We are so grateful for the 13 fabulous years years we had with her. Who will eat the broccoli ends and the crunchy bits of lettuce that I don’t like? Who will have a squish face when she wakes up from her naps? Who will I dance to the radio in the kitchen with? The corners of the house will be left unslept in. She added to our lives, and many others, in so many ways. Sleep tight pumpkin.

Just recently

So Christmas came and went and I forgot to post Couscous’s Xmas greeting:

Since then she’s had a haircut and has a trimmed look for the new year:

Recent activity

Couscous Christmas 2020

I’d forgotten how much Couscous loves it when we open wrapped presents. She wants to inspect everything and clambers over you to get to things.

Click here for a short video of her playing with one of her new toys.

New car

We just got an electric car and the boot’s a lot bigger than I expected…


More Lockdown

Lockdown snaps

Just some snaps of Couscous during the (first) Covid-19 lockdown. I promise you we’ve taken her for a walk most days.

Day at the beach

Another classic pose