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Reigate Hill and Fort, and Gatton Park

We were told about the view from a friend in our archery club. It’s a good place to plane spot. He said the cafe was good and he wasn’t wrong. It’s called Junction 8 cafe because it’s at J8 of the M25 – although maybe that’s not an official name. Smallish car park at this point and there may be another related to the area, which is National Trust.

OK after wet weather – yes
Parking fee – one is free, the other? is free to NT members
Toilets – at the free car park
Café – at the free car park. Bloody good ice cream and bagels

The UN assembly populated by dachshunds

Dachshund UN art installation by Bennett Miller

Dachshund UN art installation by Bennett Miller (Fierce Festival, Birmingham 2012)

Dog with a vote

Latvians reject Russian official language.