Folkestone, The Warren, Kent

A sandy beach that allows dogs all year round. We parked for free on Wear Bay Rd then followed a path behind the restaurant (friendly staff, take away coffee and bathrooms), past the martello tower and through the bushes, along a well trodden path, to get to a concrete path along the beach.

It was a little weird as there were people camped right by the path/on the beach, screaming and swearing at their kids who were too close to the edge of the path (at this point there is a bit of a fall to the beach – the girl was also in pink pyjamas). Further down it is easy to get to the beach and although others were camping the beach widens out so you don’t have to go near the tents. Luckily there was a pipe with clean water flowing as I forgot Couscous’s water bottle but otherwise there are bins and nothing else. There appeared to be a camping ground behind the bushes but it wasn’t signposted so who knows. Nice view of chalk cliffs and generally a good half-day trip.


  • OK after wet weather – yes
  • Parking fee – no
  • Toilets – yes
  • Café – yes
  • folkestone-21



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