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Cute story

Staff at a zoo in Oklahoma catch the moment a male lion and small puppy share what looks like a kiss in their compound… (Only it’s not a ‘small puppy’, it’s a dachshund.)

A lion and a dachshund.



Drinking with a dachshund

A gift for dog lovers…


Winter is here



I saw a shorn wire-hair in Brussels the other day and a fine looking red, short-haired doxie as well.

Belgium BOZAR Magazine ad

Belgium BOZAR Magazine ad


This says it all really.

The UN assembly populated by dachshunds

Dachshund UN art installation by Bennett Miller

Dachshund UN art installation by Bennett Miller (Fierce Festival, Birmingham 2012)

Smallest dog is a dachshund

World’s smallest dog


More dogs in politics

Minister Greg Barker takes small dog into meeting on cushion

(Not a picture of a dachshund though – sloppy journalism.)

Underwater dog



Greenwich dachshund meet

I took Lady CC to the Greenwich Park Dachshund meet for the Dachshunds in London club. There were about 15 little sausages running around while the band played. It was great. Lady CC was her usual aloof self but did let her hair down when she met Lily, a toypoodle/terrier cross. She and Lily had a major run around together – wonderful to see. CC was the popular one of the day I think. She had her photo taken a few times and various children would come over to pet her. She was the largest as all the other sausages where minatures. There was one other wire-haired one – tiny thing with curly fair fur.

The children's favourite

The children's favourite

Another doxie

Another doxie

A few at play

A few at play

In the park

In the park